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46 Aviation perform air displays in it’s impressive aircraft at several events across Europe each year.

The Airshow display Aircraft currently include the Wingwalking modified Boeing Stearman.
Here you can find out more details about each aircraft and it’s performance.

If you are interested in booking the team for your event, whether it’s on the organised airshow stage, a public or private event, large or small, even a concert or wedding, you can contact info@46aviation.com to discuss how to proceed. 46 Aviation SA can communicate in English, French, German & Italian.

Wingwalking Boeing Stearman

46 Aviation focus on the original style of wingwalking from the 1920’s Barnstorming era with professional wingwalker performer Danielle walking and climbing around the Boeing Stearman’s structure. Danielle takes off from within the cockpit and then proceeds to climb out up on to the top wing during flight, right in front of the crowd. Once transferred to the top wing she leans against the certified wing-rack placed in the centre of the wing, posing and performing an energetic aerobic style dance routine! Danielle even hangs upside-down from the plane as it flys inverted along the flight line!…..But Danielle doesn’t stay standing there for too long! She hops back into the cockpit and climbs out to the side in-between the wings of this biplane. The crowd gasp as they watch the action! She walks halfway out to the wings and lays across the javelin, remaining in this position even during a loop or roll! Afterwards she climbs out to the farthest edge of the plane, posing and waving from between the wings. For the final pass she sits on the leading edge as the plane zooms past the crowd in a knife-edge configuration. This dazzling performance bring to your event nostalgic glamour, gripping action, smoke, noise and above all tremendous showmanship!

46 Aviation’s Stearman has been specifically modified and strengthened for wingwalking duties having obtained it’s certified wing-rack which is mounted on the upper wing, which has been designed, tested and approved to the utmost stringent safety regulations. This particular Super Stearman has a 450 horse power Pratt and Whitney radial engine (opposed to the standard 220hp) to push through the drag created by Danielle’s body. It has 4 ailerons instead of the standard 2, to improve the roll rate and it also has an inverted fuel and oil system to allow for inverted flybys!

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Bücker Jungmann

Bücker Jungmann

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Emiliano Del Buono

Emiliano Del Buono - About Us

Emiliano is the pilot for the entire 46 Aviation Airshow Fleet.

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Wingwalker Performer:
Danielle Del Buono

Danielle airshows

Danielle is 46 Aviations Wing dancing lady.

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