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46 Aviation Warbirds

46 Aviation offer Warbird operation services to private and company investors, whether it’s for an aircraft that is already in an airworthy condition or for a total project restoration. We provide a complete operational service, managing the restoration, it’s maintenance, administration, documentation, hangarage, sourcing of parts and of course it’s air-time.

If you have not already made your Warbird investment, we are also able to advise on sourcing aircraft(s) and can aid you in the purchasing process, as well as organising the collection and transportation to either Sion or to the aircraft’s site of restoration/ maintenance. The aircraft are hangared in a secure, clean and climate controlled hangar based at 46 Aviation’s home airport Sion, where they are kept operational and well preserved keeping an important piece of history in good condition.

Our Warbird collection

Currently 46 Aviation Warbird Operation services have  a Bücker Jungmann in flying condition, based at Sion Airport.

We also have three Messerschmitt BF109’s, a P40 Warhawk and an additional Schlepp C-3605, undergoing restoration.

If you are interested in 46 Aviation Warbird Operation Services, or booking one of these aircraft to fly at your event, you can contact info@46aviation.com to discuss how to proceed.

Bücker Bü 131AMP “Jungmann”

Warbirds - Bücker Jungmann

The Bücker Jungmann oozes vintage charm as it makes a graceful demonstration of aerobatic aerial ballet. This aircraft brings a romantic nostalgic feel to your event and is a pure delight to watch.

The German Bücker Jungmann served as a training aircraft used by the Luftwaffe in World War II. Production licenses were granted to Switzerland, where this particular Bücker was built in 1939 and it was used as a training aircraft for Swiss Airforce Pilots.

Length 6.62 m  / 21 ft 8 in
Wingspan 7.40 m  / 24 ft 3 in
Height 2.35 m  / 7 ft 6 in
Wing Area 13.5 m²  / 145 ft²
Empty Weight 380 kg  / 840 lb
Loaded Weight 670 kg  / 1,500 lb
Powerplant Lycoming IO- 360 (147hp)
Maximum Speed 350 kph / 217 mph / 188 kn
Cruise Speed 157 kph / 97 mph / 85 kn
Range 370 km / 230 miles / 200 Nautical miles
Service Ceiling 15000 feet / 4572 Meters
Rate of Climb 600 ft/min
Wing Loading 46.3 kg/m² / 9.49 lb/ft²
Power/Mass 100 W/kg  / 0.064 hp/lb