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46 Aviation Wingwalking at Athens Flying Week

– September 19th 2017 –

Danielle and Emiliano have returned back to base after performing their Wingwalking act in Greece at the wonderful Athens Flying Week 2017. Emiliano ferry flew the Stearman a whopping 1600 km to Tanagra Airforce Base, routing through Italy, Corfu and then across to Athens. This was the second year 46 Aviation Wingwalker Danielle performed at this particular event and the couple were very happy to be a part of it again and it’s passionate organisation. They performed on the Saturday and Sunday in sunny skies wingwalking for a happy enthusiastic waving crowd. The Airshow was very enjoyable for the team, working with the organisation, meeting the crowd and catching up with other airshow teams.

Emiliano departed Tanagra on Monday morning after being told only the evening before that Corfu (Kerkyra Airport) had no Avgas fuel available due to maintenance (despite knowing they had light aircraft passing through their Airport 10 days prior and confirming available fuel!) Anyway it actually turned out they had completely run out of fuel and after a lot of waiting, eventually getting the fuel delivery at 1330 and a very slow turn-around, Emiliano was able to ‘hit the road again’. He crossed the sea over into Italy and landed at Foggia airport with incredibly helpful staff making for a very quick turn around allowing us to make up for some lost time. That evening Emiliano stayed the night in the small country of San Marino inside of Italy. Tuesday he returned back to base after a 3200km round-trip! Now we are back in the hangar and preparing for the next show!

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